Villages halls & Community centres where our inflatables will fit...

Saxon hall
Everything except our domes fit lovely in this very nice large venue
We are also registered here as an approved company.
Access is also nice and easy on one level.
St. Pauls hall.
This is lovely venue, everything except our mega moonwalker domes fits lovely.
We have been to this hall many times, it is a nice large building with easy access.
St. Martins church hall
This is a lovely venue with easy access on one level
Its main room is large enough to accommodate any one of our inflatables except the moonwalker domes.
Eastholme & Northolme  community centres Belmont
Both of these venues have a low ceiling height just under 8ft, so we are only able to hire outside at these venues. We are fully listed at the halls for insurance etc and have full permission set up outside on there property.
Three Counties Hotel
Possibly one of herefords best and nicest venues.
We have done a few hires here, indoors, for parties and wedding etc, they do have a ceiling height of 10ft so we at Hereford bounce and slide only hire our castles which have a maximum height of 8ft
Hereford Rowing Club
Lovely venue with a lovely view across the river wye.
We are fully approved here for setting up bouncy castles with relevant insurance etc.
Due to low ceiling levels, we can only hire castles with maximum height of 8ft
Westfields hall
Lovely little venue,
We have been here many times, 
Access is easy all on one level
Due to low ceiling level, we can only hire our castles that maximum height of 8ft
Scout hut -westfalling street
Ideal little venue for small parties etc,
Access is nice and easy all one level.
Does height limit, so maximum height castles we can hire here is 8ft.
Hereford Lads Club
Another great venue for a party.
Any of our inflatables will fit here except our moonwalker domes, but they do have grass area outside they could go.
Access is fairly easy, just a small short ramp otherwise its one level.
Canon Pyon Parish Hall
This is a lovely venue.
Doesn't look much from outside but once in, it is bigger than it looks.
Any of our castles will fit here except our moonwalker domes.
Access is fairly easy just short ramp but otherwise on one level.
Holm Lacy Hall.
This is nice venue for any party.
We are a little restricted that only our standard castles fit inside, but
They do have a  nice area out the back where we can erect any of our units and peg down and they do have seating out the back as well.
Access for inside or outside is all one level.
Svouts Corner- Eign road
Nice small venue, ideal for birthday parties.
We have been here several times, access is simple and easy, all on one level.
The hall does have a low ceiling so only castles we can hire here are maximum height of 8ft.
Bartestree Village Hall.
This is a beautiful venue just outside Hereford.
We have been here many times with lots of hires,
Inside you are restricted to castles with max height of 8ft.
But we are able to set up the grass outside so long as we don't interfere with any cricket match that may be going on.
Withington Village Hall
Another lovely hall ideal for small parties and weddings
Depending on your party any of our castles will fit here except the moonwalkers, but
They will fit nicely outside on the grass area.
Access here for in door or outside is simple and easy as on one level.
Clehonger Village Hall
Nice hall set out in the country.
Nice size for various different parties
Does have restricted ciling height so only our castles with maximum height of 8ft will fit.
Access is nice and easy as all on one level.
Yarkhill Village Hall
Although this is small village hall set out in the country just off the A4103 Worcester road,
This hall is big enough to house our standard castles which are 8ft tall,
There is also to have some of our package deals, i.e wiggle cars, animal hoppers, ball pool.
It is also large enough to have discos aswell.
Madley Village Hall
This is fairly large hall with a high ceiling level meaning nearly all our inflatables will fit inside.
There plenty of room for our package deals aswell
It is also an ideal venue for your party if your having a disco. Lots of space, with a side room and a back room ideal to an outside bar to setup.
Credenhill Community Centre
This is a lovely size hall,
All of our inflatables will for nicely inside except our moonwalker dome.
This hall is suitable for any of our package deals 
Also at the one end of the building is the social club.
This is a venue we have been to a few times, any inflatable booked for the social club has to be setup on the grass area next to the building, unlike the community centre where it has a high ceiling level.
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